Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Style Crusader.

 Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing the Style Crusader. She was in need of some new photos for a her popular blog so I stepped up to the plate and helped her out. It was the least I could do. . .after all, she is my little sister. It was freezing and windy but it didn't stop her from ripping off her coat and getting in front of the camera. I stood behind the camera bundled up in my puffy jacket and clicked away. Here's what we walked away with. Enjoy! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Small but Sweet. . .

 It all started in a small sanctuary. There is something so special about a small wedding and being surrounded by those you hold most dear. 
 The bride was beautiful in her long stunning silver dress and I loved the matching flower in her hair.

 The bride was able to meet all her guests as they arrived and was truly excited for the ceremony that was going to begin soon.  Once everyone had arrived it was time to get things started.
 The bride's daughter and the groom's father stood by their sides and supported them throughout the ceremony. 
 The excitement on these two face's was contagious. I love it when couples are so excited about their new commitment to each other.

 The reception was like a big Christmas party. The decorations were beautiful and the food was amazing. . .which, by the way, the groom had cooked up.
Congratulations you two!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mr. Jack

 Meet Jack.
 He's a perfect little gift. . .
 who happens to have the longest eyelashes I have ever seen. 
 This little guy was super cute and super relaxed. 
 His parents were obviously in love with him.

Congratulations on your new little guy! What a sweet sweeet boy you have.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby Blues.

 Look at this little sweetie. . .he's almost exactly 3 months old.
 His Mama was definitely in love with him. . .and it was so obvious. She was soaking him in.
 After a little outside time we headed inside. Trevor got a bottle and was stripped down to his diaper, which is always my favorite.
 After some swaying it was floor time,
 which worked out perfect. 
 The lighting was perfect, 
 the baby was perfect,
 and even the Mama was perfect. She was game for anything.
Mr. Blue eyes did a great job putting up with me for so long. Thanks so much for letting me into your home and letting me capture such a special time in your lives.