Sunday, November 27, 2011

Out in the Wild.

 Today I got to hang out with a fun couple,
 at a beautiful location.

 They were up for pretty much anything. . .which I love.
 It was cold. . .colder then it has been for a while.
 Thankfully these two were tough and didn't complain too much.
 I had fun watching these two. They were pretty funny.
 I love engagement sessions and seeing how the couple interacts and works together. I also enjoy it because I get to see and capture the beginning of a long journey that they will have together.
 Its always good to remember the start.
 Thanks so much for the fun afternoon. You two were so much fun! Congratulations on your engagement!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Change of Plans.

 Family pictures were scheduled for Sunday morning. . .which was perfect except for the huge rain clouds and chilly wind. About 30 minutes before the session we decided the session would be more successful (especially since numerous kids were involved) if we tried an indoor location, so we agreed on Ameristar Casino. The light was great and the places we picked didn't look anything like a casino, which was good because who wants to go to a smoky casino for Christmas pictures on a Sunday morning.
 I got to be entertained by these three. . .#1 Big Brother,
 #2 the one and only sister,
 and #3 the explorative little brother. Nothing was going to stop this little guy. As long has he had his little puppy he was on a mission to explore the place.
 And these two thought the world of each other. They stuck by each others side and had a blast together goofing off. 
 The parents also came along. . .and they seemed to like each too! :)
They also did a great job rounding up the kids.  Thanks for hanging out on a cold Sunday morning. It was fun!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Peek at My Weekend Wedding

 The day began for me at a hotel, where the bride and her girls all got ready.
 She "patiently" waited in a back room at the Jewel Box for the ceremony to begin. . .actually she wasn't patient at all and it all the self control she had to not run out of the room and join everyone else and see her soon to be new husband.
 The beautiful ceremony began and ended. . .
 and the new Mr. and Mrs. Welby was introduced.
 All the details throughout the day were gorgeous. . .
 especially the bride. 
 The day was long. . .we went here
 and here
 and here for pictures. 
 But it was so SO worth it.
 Everyone did great putting up with the chilly weather, cold wind and me. I had a blast!
At the end of the day all of their family and friends joined with the Bride & Groom to celebrate their new commitment. The room was full of love and laughs; these two are definitely surrounded by great family and friends. They soaked in every moment of their special day and I am so honored that they trusted me to help them remember it. Congratulations you two!

Monday, November 14, 2011

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Windy Day.

I have to say I'm thankful for these warm weekends. . .they are perfect for photo sessions. . .but this wind is a little insane. I did get to hang out with this great family down at the park. The boys were so much fun and the littlest one was actually having his 3rd birthday party later that afternoon. Thanks for sharing your morning with me and I hope your party was a blast! Happy Birthday to you Jackson!

Merry Christmas!

 If these pictures don't make you think of Christmas I'm not sure what will. This little beauty was decked out in her red Christmas dress.
 We also found the Polar Express. . .not really, but we did find a big red train and there weren't even signs that said "No Climbing." Really.
 Distractions for 17 month olds are always good.
This little girl loved her ball of misletoe. She carried it around for most of the session. 
 Father & Daughter 

The whole family. 


 It all started with this special lady. For her family session, she chose to bring along her whole family, and what a great idea it was. 
 First to arrive was her son, also the Uncle.
 Next, her daughter and her husband showed up, along with their four kids.
 Grandson #1
 Grandson #2
 Granddaughter #1
 Granddaughter #2. . .also the newest, who is just 2 months old.
The whole gang.
I loved her idea. How often do you have your picture taken with your grandparents? Probably not very often, if you are anything like me. How special for these kids to have pictures of their family, not only their parents but grandparents. . .and it was all grandma's idea.