Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Model Baby.

This little guy was seriously the easiest, most laid back boy I have ever photographed. He was two weeks old today and was asleep almost the entire time. He did crack his eyes open a few times but that was it. We moved him, his diaper was changed, the dogged barked numerous times and the grown ups talked throughout the session and he never cried or fully woke up. I was amazed. His Mommy also made some pretty good "homemade"chocolate chip cookies too! Thanks so much for the fun afternoon and your new little guy is a sweetie! Congratulations!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Almost 365 days old and a present for you!

Stephanie Bannon Photography has also been around for 365 days. In honor of this, I am giving away a free photo session. All you have to do is "like" me. Just hop on over to my Facebook page and give me the thumbs up. Everyone who "likes" me by the end of June will be entered into a drawing for the free session. Pretty easy huh?!?!? I'm hoping for 365 "likes" for my 365 days. Feel free to help me out by posting this great give away on your blog or Facebook page. Thanks so much! The winner will be announced July 1st!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A few of my favorite things. . .

A beautiful bride who was positive no matter what circumstances arose.

A simple bouquet that smelled amazing.

A wedding party that was willing to stand in the misty rain and a fabulous brick wall and stone floor.

A couple that truly enjoys each other.

A bride and groom that was willing to walk around in the rain to capture some special memories.
Saturday I had a wedding. . .a wedding with a great couple that are so much fun to work with. This couple has a great relationship and I truly have a blast every time I hang out with them. Their love for each other is so evident. There will be more pictures coming soon of their special day but here are a few of my favorites so far.


Change is exciting, and that is exactly what this family will soon be facing. Not only are they going to be welcoming a new little boy to the family but they are also planning on moving to a new house. Because of the possibility of moving, we chose to have the photo session in their backyard. They were totally prepared and had toys, bubbles and books ready to help entertain their son who is almost three. He was such a talented little guy too, just like his Daddy. He had so much fun playing his guitar and singing to his Mommy. It was so sweet to watch. I hope these next few months go smoothly as you welcome you new baby boy and face some changes in your lives.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Playing at the Park

These three kids took about a second to get comfortable. I think that within the first minute of meeting these guys I knew their plan for the rest of the evening, the names and ages of each kid and I knew exactly what their plan was for their family vacation. Its not the easiest thing to get three young siblings together for a picture but these three did a great job. They followed direction and were very polite. At one point while I was alone with the kids, I asked the youngest little boy who his favorite princess was. I really thought he was just going to laugh. . .you know, since boys don't like princesses, but instead he quickly answered "Mommy." What a sweetie! What a great family with three great kids. Thanks for the fun afternoon in the park and your kids are a delight!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!

This little guy turns two in two weeks and he sure knew what he wanted to do. He had a plan. He played on the trike, shoveled rocks, chased birds, played in water, kissed dogs, threw balls. . .and the list goes on and on. His parents came prepared, which is always helpful and they totally went with the flow. He's two. We knew he wasn't going to hold still and that was ok. He did a great job putting up with me following him around making funny noises to get his attention. It didn't take him long to figure out my tricks. Thanks for the fun afternoon and I hope you have a great birthday!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Saturday I met this family for my last session of the day. As I sat there and waited for them to arrive (I was early) the sky turned gray and the wind started blowing. Luckily the rain held off until the end of our session but I was a little nervous wondering if we would get rained out our not. Our session ended up being a lot of fun. These two boys were a hoot. They told me all about their Wii and their favorite games, and as you can tell from the picture above they did a great job posing together. Thanks family of four the the great session!

Going to the Chapel, and They're Gonna Get Married

Well, technically it won't be a chapel. . .it will be at the Botanical Gardens, but they are getting married. Soon too, at the end of the month I get to photograph this lovely couples wedding. It was the first time I had met them and they were so much fun. They were so funny together and their friendship was so evident. They truly enjoyed each other. I can't wait for their special day and I wish them all the best.