Monday, January 9, 2012

Lauren + Ken

 I'm so excited for these two. I'm not sure where to begin. . .we had a very eventful session Sunday after noon. Things started off great. We were all on time, the weather wasn't too bad and I knew this location was going to be perfect for this couple. (its one of my favorite places) We chatted a bit, took a few pictures in a field and decided to drive around to another location. Things were going really well. This couple seemed up for anything and I was getting excited about the rest of the session. . .I think they were too. Anyways, we drove down the road, parked and I went to get out of my car. As I go out, I realized something was wrong but wasn't sure what. Lauren was holding her finger, and Ken was looking at the road. Turned out that Lauren had slammed her finger in the door (we were parked on a slight slant so her door swung close). When she yanked it out her engagement ring flew off her finger and into the road. As soon as Ken spotted the ring on the road a van drove by. . .the ring was lined up perfectly with the back tire and was smashed.  The perfect blue Sapphire shot out of the ring. Ken saw where it had fallen and was able to retrieve the ring and the stone. The perfect start to our session had been ruined and so was the beautiful ring. I was so sad for her.  Ken did amazing. He wasn't mad, he didn't yell (except at the driver of the van) and he reasurred her that they could get it fixed. The photo session resummed. . .after some wiping up of tears, and it turned out great.  Its much easier to see true character when things aren't going fine and dandy. I like this couple and it was nice to see how much they liked each other, even in a bad situation. Were were able to get one picture of the ring but we are determined to get a better one at the wedding. Congratulations you two!

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  1. Oh my goodness Stephanie! That shot of the ring on the ground is so crazy! How awful... but I'm so amazed they managed to find the ring and the stone! The photos are so beautiful. I love the shot of their shoes and the second one.

    Totally recognize the location... it's a good one. xx