Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Change of Plans.

 Family pictures were scheduled for Sunday morning. . .which was perfect except for the huge rain clouds and chilly wind. About 30 minutes before the session we decided the session would be more successful (especially since numerous kids were involved) if we tried an indoor location, so we agreed on Ameristar Casino. The light was great and the places we picked didn't look anything like a casino, which was good because who wants to go to a smoky casino for Christmas pictures on a Sunday morning.
 I got to be entertained by these three. . .#1 Big Brother,
 #2 the one and only sister,
 and #3 the explorative little brother. Nothing was going to stop this little guy. As long has he had his little puppy he was on a mission to explore the place.
 And these two thought the world of each other. They stuck by each others side and had a blast together goofing off. 
 The parents also came along. . .and they seemed to like each too! :)
They also did a great job rounding up the kids.  Thanks for hanging out on a cold Sunday morning. It was fun!

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